chocolatewafflesandbeer replied to your post: Arthur, what’s going on?! Do you not love me anymore?! It’s because I’m fat with your children isn’t it! Now I’m just fat and ugly! /starts crying and hiccuping/

I just… Here things about you looking at other women and I…. /sobs/ Noooo don’t touch me! /pushes him away and continues to cry/

Other women….where…? /raises his eyebrows when he realiizes what she means/ N-no! It’s not like that! I…/backs up when she pushes him away/ D-don’t cry…I can explain, please don’t cry…

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    /sniffles and rubs at her face/ ….. Fine…. /pouts and opens the door a little more/
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    /he looks at her/ No you don’t….let me help clean you up.